How to convert your ideas to a blog and make money

Anybody maintaining an online diary or a blog is a blogger. Bloggers have their own community, an idea, a message, and a spirit to share and initiate healthy debate. With the mouse as their muse they have gained followers all over the world, who read and respect their opinion. What you need is a computer, an internet connection and a bit more than basic literacy is all you need to start blogging. However, among a sea of blogs on the net, only a handful are read, respected and talked about.

You can host your blog through a blog-hosting service like blogspot, wordpress and livejournal or buy your own domain name. "Having your own URL is the best as it shows that you are a professional and also helps in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) activities,".

Blog Traffic
There are several ways of creating, sustaining and increasing a steady flow of traffic, a prerequisite when you start harbouring money-making dreams.

Update regularly
Content is king. A blog to get traffic and return traffic should have new content. "You do not want people to come and find out that there is no new post. Once you lose a reader it is very difficult to get her back,". Not surprisingly, the Technorati report says that the blogging elite, constituting about 4,000 blogs "post nearly twice a day".

Subscribe to RSS
Subscribing to really simple syndication (RSS) ensures that others can read your content in their mail whenever there is a new post without having to visit your blog.

Link to other bloggers
If you find interesting content on any other blog, you can provide a link to it, hoping that they would link back to you. Inbound links improve your Google PR. Having a Google PR of 4 or above can also help you earn some bucks through selling links, but it is not encouraged as Google does not encourage link exchange.

Use search-engine friendly keywords. Ensure that the titles of the posts are search engine-friendly. Try to be more specific and gauge what category of readers you are targeting and what keywords they are likely to use.

Affiliate programmes
Here companies, like amazon.com put up links for their products on your blog. Whenever a reader makes a purchase, through such a link, you get a portion of the sales revenue. "Sign up as affiliate partners with companies that sell some product or service related to your topic of discussion. You can also use sites like www.cj.com that actually allow you to review hundreds of affiliate opportunities," says Roy Chaudhury.

Making money from blogs
The Bloggers have now an option to make money from their blogs. There are many moneymaking options from your blog. This blog is mainly for informing our visitors various options available today for making money through blogging. We will explain in detail the various options like:
- Pay per click
- Pay per impression
- Direct banner advertisement
- Text link ads
- Donations
- Affiliate marketing
- Monitisation Widgets
- Sponsored reviews
- RSS feed ads
- In text advertising
- Pop ups and pop unders.
- other



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