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Clicksor offers webmasters the opportunity to earn more income by simply underlining a selection of clickable text (inline text links) or displaying targeted contextual ads (various sizes of banners) on their Web sites or blogs.

Clicksor is a new program from Yesup, the company behind PayPopUp. The program is based on CPC text advertisements superficially similar to Google AdSense, but... well, worse.

Clicksor is YesUp’s pay-per-click company, but it differs from traditional PPC search engines in that it is primarily concentrated on converting visitors to your site into consumers via their product Content Marketing Technology. The technology attempts to match visitors to your site more closely to the service or product you are offering than other forms of PPC. Thus, their emphasis is designed to strive to improve your ROI more quickly, effectively and directly than other PPC advertising may. The process of choosing keywords and bidding for placement is essentially the same, but the emphasis is on content and context.

Contextual advertising is becoming a common trend in other PPC search engines, but Clicksor may have an advantage in this arena by its early entry into using this approach. The company claims to have over 200 million impressions per month because of partnerships with over 10,000 specialized websites.

Clicksor offers two options for contextual PPC – keyword or channel matching. If you chose Keyword Match, your ad’s keywords will be underlined, and as a visitor hovers over the keyword, a text banner appears describing your product/service. The user is taken to your website if they choose to click on the text banner or keyword. Channel Match works similarly, but concentrates more on the context of your website than keywords you have chosen in placing your ad on search results pages.

Media Offerings:
• Inline Text Links
• Text Banners
• In-page Graphical Banner
• Pop-Unders
• XML Feeds
• Layer Ads
• Search box

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